Create and send invoices to collect every penny you deserve for advance, guarantee, fee, and royalty payments.

Licensee Access
Licensee Access Send invoices that your licensees can view and pay online via a free Licensee Edition RoyaltyZone account.
Email Reminders
Email Reminders Get notified 30 days before any payment is due to be invoiced.  Licensees are reminded when invoices are due (or past due).
Payment Instructions
Payment Instructions Create multiple sets of invoice payment instructions to specify how and where invoices can be paid.
Track Accounts Receivable
Track Accounts Receivable Monitor days outstanding for all of your open invoices. Never let another payment fall through the cracks.
Receive Invoice Payments
Receive Invoice Payments Track full and partial invoice payments, withholding tax, bank fees, and more. Accept credit card or ACH payments.
Multi-Currency Create invoices in the currency specified by the license agreement. Automate exchange rate calculations.

Online royalty reporting ensures accurate and complete royalty reports.

Learn how to use RoyaltyZone to identify red flags and avoid the most costly royalty reporting errors.
Licensee Access
Licensee Access Invite licensees to submit royalty reports online via a free Licensee Edition RoyaltyZone account.  Licensors may also choose to manage royalty reporting themselves for individual or all agreements, if preferred.
Define Reporting Rules
Define Reporting Rules Define when reports are due, how they are calculated, and what fields are required.  Assign a reporting rule to each license agreement.
Email Reminders
Email Reminders Automated email reminders are sent two weeks prior to the royalty report due date, on the due date, and one week late.  Send additional reminders at the click of a button.
Upload Sales Data
Upload Sales Data Licensees can easily upload sales transaction data exported from their accounting software.
Eliminate Math Errors
Eliminate Math Errors Royalty reports are always correctly calculated. Say goodbye to bad spreadsheet formulas, improper royalty rates, copy & paste errors, and other common math mistakes.
Settle Terminology Differences
Settle Terminology Differences To-may-to, To-mah-to.  Easy to use data mapping ensures that your terminology will always be used on royalty reports, making program level analytics a reality.
Enforce Deduction Rules
Enforce Deduction Rules Avoid excessive or disallowed deductions taken from gross sales or royalties owed.
Accurate Currency Conversion
Accurate Currency Conversion Foreign sales currencies are converted to the agreement currency using the correct exchange rate and conversion date.
Track Advances & Guarantees
Track Advances & Guarantees Recoupable advance balances are deducted from royalties owed, and paid royalties are credited towards minimum royalty commitments.
Exception Warnings
Exception Warnings Licensors are notified whenever sales are uploaded for unapproved SKUs, territories, or distribution methods.
Review and Approve Reports
Review and Approve Reports Review easy to read trends and analysis royalty report summaries, or view the report details.  Edit, Reject, or Approve submitted reports.  Licensees are notified by email when report status is updated.
Monitor Compliance
Monitor Compliance Track submitted vs expected royalty reports for each reporting period.  Identify late reports and instantly view trends and analysis results for the entire reporting period.

Instantly analyze results and measure success to make better decisions about the future of your licensing program.

Royalty Trends
Royalty Trends View royalty trends over time for each licensee, agreement, and reporting period.
Analyze Results
Analyze Results Instantly identify your top (and bottom) performing licensees, SKUs, properties, categories, territories, and distribution methods.
Export Reports
Export Reports Tons of useful reports that can be exported to CSV file format at the click of a button.

Save a ton of time by automating repetitive tasks.

  • Manage license agreement amendments, renewals, terminations, sell-off periods, and more.
  • No need to create or update excel royalty reporting templates each period.
  • Request liability insurance certificates at the click of a button.
  • Track approved manufacturing facilities.
  • Export data and reports in csv or pdf file format.
  • Receive email notifications whenever the status changes for any item.
  • Assign tasks (even to licensees) and track completion.
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