RoyaltyZone provides a searchable database of all of your licensed products.

Each product record includes:
  • SKU or Part Number
  • Product Description
  • Licensed Property (or Properties)
  • Licensed Category
  • Product Image
  • Licensee
  • Date Created

Review, Annotate, and Approve Product Submissions

  • Create as many submission forms as needed
  • Define submission workflows with task, decision, or submission stages
  • Licenses complete submission forms and attach artwork/supporting info online
  • Link Assets, Existing SKUs, Packaging, and/or Marketing to each submission
  • Review submissions online, add comments, annotate/markup attachments via browser or iPad
  • Approval database is linked to the royalty database: identify approved, pending, and unrecognized products on every royalty report
  • Invite 3rd parties to comment on or approve submissions
  • Email notifications sent for every status change

Securely Share Digital Assets

  • Organize and securely share digital assets
  • Define access permissions for each property and license agreement
  • Assign assets to product submissions
  • Track royalty and sales results for each asset
  • Safely Email assets to 3rd parties
  • Bulk upload service is available