Licensees use RoyaltyZone to manage all of the tasks necessary to comply with their license agreements.

Free when Invited by a Licensor or Agent
Free when Invited by a Licensor or Agent There is no cost for Licensees to use RoyaltyZone when invited by a Licensor or Licensing Agent.  Licensees can also purchase and use the Licensee Edition independent of a Licensor.
Web Based
Web Based Access RoyaltyZone from anywhere in the world, with no hardware or software to install or maintain.
Invoices View and pay invoices for royalties, advances, guarantees, and fees.
Royalty Reports
Royalty Reports Calculate and submit accurate and complete royalty reports online.  Upload sales data from your accounting software.
License Agreements
License Agreements View agreement terms, balances, and due dates.
Email Reminders
Email Reminders Receive email reminders for important due dates and agreement or invoice status updates
Rights View licensed properties, categories, territories, and distribution channels.
Licensed Products
Licensed Products Keep track of all of your licensed products.