Document, define, and share every detail about each of your license agreements.

Dates Agreement start and end dates, marketing dates, term dates, and guarantee payment schedules.
Rights Create and assign your licensed properties, categories, territories, and distribution methods.  Track exclusivity.
Royalty Rates
Royalty Rates Clearly define the agreement royalty rate(s). Choose from % of Net Sales, $/item, MRU, FOB, variable rates, and more.
Currency Manage agreements in multiple currencies. Automate exchange rate calculations.
Advances Define royalty advance amounts, recoupable balances, and payment dates.
Guarantees Define minimum royalty commitments, remaining balances, and payment schedules.
Fees Manage annual fees, recurring fees, marketing contributions, marketing commitments, late fees, and any other fees.
Attachments Attach the original legal agreement or any electronic document for easy access.
And More!
And More! Sell Off Period, Liability Insurance, Marketing Commitment, Samples, Deduction Caps, Legal Notices, Payment Instructions, and more…

Keep track of who talked to whom, what was said, and what needs to happen next.

Address Book
Address Book Know every detail about your licensees and contacts.
Notes Review past calls, emails, meeting notes, and conversations.
Tasks Never forget to follow up with tasks, alerts, and email reminders.

Save a ton of time by automating repetitive tasks.

Export Term Sheets
Export Term Sheets Export a formatted PDF Term Sheet / Deal Memo that is ready for signature.
Monitor Deal Pipeline
Monitor Deal Pipeline Create and track deal stages, automated workflow tasks, and analyze your deal pipeline and sales forecast.
Send Email to RoyaltyZone
Send Email to RoyaltyZone Unclutter your inbox – forward or bcc emails to attach them as a note in RoyaltyZone!
Capture Inbound Leads
Capture Inbound Leads Create inbound web inquiry forms for your website.
Upgrade to Royalty Manager to send invoices, track payments, collect royalty reports, analyze results, and measure success.