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Web Based Royalty Software
Web Based Royalty Software Access RoyaltyZone from anywhere in the world, with no hardware or software to install or maintain.
Secure Royalty Management
Secure Royalty Management Your data is safe with RoyaltyZone. All transmissions are encrypted using 256-bit secure SSL certificates.
Licensee Access
Licensee Access Invite your licensees to view agreement terms & balances, pay invoices, submit royalty reports, and manage products.
Email Notifications
Email Notifications You and your licensees are notified whenever items are due.  Send email to RoyaltyZone to track all correspondence in one place.
Manage Invoices
Manage Invoices Create and send invoices for royalties, advances, guarantees, and fees.  Track payments and receivables.
Online Royalty Reports
Online Royalty Reports Licensees calculate and submit accurate and complete royalty reports online.  Track reporting trends and on time performance.
Measure Licensing Success
Measure Licensing Success Tons of charts, graphs, and exportable reports to instantly measure the success of your licensing program.
License Agreement Repository
License Agreement Repository Manage all of your Agreements in a single place.
Rights Management
Rights Management Manage and assign your licensed properties, categories, territories, and distribution channels.
Manage Licensed Products
Manage Licensed Products Keep track of all of your licensee's products.  RoyaltyZone interfaces seamlessly with product approval software.
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